OUr Story

The Business Punjab Textile started in 1970 specialising in fabrics before branching out into ready-made outfits.

Since then it has become a part of everyday Asian fashion.

It was in 1990 Bubli Malik (Director of Jaan London) got involved in the family business renaming to Jaan London. His creative talents have kept the company at the forefront of Asian fashion as a designer with deep knowledge of the trade and desire to create leading fashion from bridal and everyday wear.

Jaan London— 1990

Jaan London has the ability to make dreams come true by innovative, exciting outfits and should not be dismissed as a fantasy. Its time for Asian fashion to move to the innovative realm normally associated with the big international designers and Jaan London is our label.

Our clothes are getting mainstream attention and our styles have to evolve ever-changing tastes. It’s a very exciting time for both designers and the public because we are no longer limiting our influence to India & Pakistan. Jaan London specialises in eastern fashion with a touch of the west!